Arnstein Norheim

Arnstein Norheim

CTO, ZEG Power

Dr. Norheim serves as the CTO of ZEG Power.

Norheim has extensive experience from technology development and upscaling of various renewable energy production process plants, as well as from project management of both innovative and commercial technology. He has worked with a variety of thermal process technologies such as gasification, pyrolysis and combustion, in addition to electrochemistry and catalysis. Among other things, Norheim has been involved in the piloting of the ZEG technology in 2013-14, upscaling of Arbaflame’s black pellet technology, as well as upscaling and commercialization of Quantafuel’s PtL technology as the company’s CTO 2017-2018.

Norheim holds a degree in environmental physics from NMBU / DTU and a PhD ( in combustion engineering from NTNU.

ZEG Power AS

Established in 2008, ZEG Power is a Norwegian company located in Oslo, that aims to offer the world cost efficient and clean energy. ZEG Power develops and delivers technology and systems for efficient production of emission free hydrogen. The feedstock is either natural gas or biogas, the latter leading to a net negative carbon footprint of the produced hydrogen, as CO2 is removed in the ZEG process.