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Greenfact is delighted to host the 2019-edition of its annual green certificates conference that gathers key-market players from the European renewable energy sector.


Europe’s industry and consumers increasingly demand that we must decarbonise the economy in order to meet our climate targets. In this context, green certificates play an increasingly important role as tools to track and verify the origin of renewable energy, green gas and hydrogen.


In this conference, we will discuss – together with industry leaders – the recent developments in the various certificate markets. Why are green certificates so significant for the European industry? What products do end-consumers prefer? What are the challenges of trading green certificates? What do policymakers have in store for the future of green markets?

8+ Speakers

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Event Speakers

Our industry leading speakers

Håvard Wollan

CEO, Biokraft AS

Zoltan Elek

CEO, Landwärme GmbH

Joakim Johnsen

Head of Merchant Market Desk, Aquila Capital

Alana Kühne

Head of PPAs and Merchant Products, Ørsted

Susanna Pflüger

Secretary General, EBA

Katrien Verwimp

Katrien Verwimp, Project Leader - AIB

Adam White

Director, RECS International

Arnstein Norheim

CTO, ZEG Power

Harald von Heyden

Head of renewables, Arctic securities

Jesse Scharf

Scheme Manager, GGCS

Scott Eidson

Vice President of Environmental Markets, 3Degrees

Kari Tikkanen

PPA manager, OX2

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