in a decarbonising world

September 16-17th, 2020

Join us for the latest Greenfact annual conference, as we discuss the latest on green attributes markets in our decarbonising society and post Covid-19 renewable energy market outlook.

Conference programme

Renewable Gas Track

hosted by Oslofjord biogas

Renewable gases such as biomethane and green hydrogen are going to play a key role in achieving European decarbonization targets. What EU policy measures are required to foster the deployment of renewable gas installations and what is the current situation across Europe? Leading experts will provide insight into relevant regulations and the latest market trends. Furthermore, the track will inform the participants about practicalities of the newly emerging biogas certificate markets.

Susanna Pflüger

Secretary General, EBA

BA advocates for recognition of biomethane and other renewable gases as sustainable, on demand and flexible energy sources that provide multiple knock on socio-economic and environmental benefits.

Jonas C Svendsen

Head of Trading and Strategic Innovation, Nature Energy

Nature Energy Biogas is Europes largest biomethane producer. Nature Energy believes there is an important role for biomethane in integrating other renewables with the hard to decarbonize parts of society at the same time creating negative emissions through sequestration through improved soil carbon content or in underground storage.

Karen Sund

Coordinator, Biogass Oslofjord

Biogass Oslofjord is a collaborative network between the counties of Vestfold–Telemark, Viken as well as Oslo-municipality with the mission to promote investment, infrastructure development and expanding the adoption of biogas in the region.

Arnstein Norheim

CTO, ZEG Power

Established in 2008, ZEG Power is a Norwegian company located in Oslo, that aims to offer the world cost efficient and clean energy. ZEG Power develops and delivers technology and systems for efficient production of emission free hydrogen. The feedstock is either natural gas or biogas, the latter leading to a net negative carbon footprint of the produced hydrogen, as CO2 is removed in the ZEG process.

Jesse Scharf

Scheme Manager, GGCS

The GGCS is a biomethane registry issuing circa. 2.500GWh of Biomethane Certificates per year, which are used for consumer disclosure by individual companies and NGOs of all sizes as well as withing green gas tariffs. Operating since 2011 the GGCS has been at the heart of the biomethane market as it has developed and evolved. We are founder members of the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) and have played a key role in developing the forthcoming hub for the transfer of Certificates between registries across Europe.

Certificates Track

Europe is looking to rapidly reduce its carbon footprint, with the Green Deal high on the agenda. What are the value of Guarantees of Origin as a tool for decarbonization, and what differentiates this European system from its American counterpart? Experts in the green certificate market will present and discuss the latest developments and give outlooks on upcoming regulations.

Katrien Verwimp

Project Leader - Standardisation of Guarantees of Origin, AIB

The not-for-profit Association of Issuing Bodies has as its mission statement "guaranteeing the origin of European energy".

Adam White

Director, RECS International

RECS International is a non-profit foundation representing electricity market players. We strive to create an open and transparent demand-driven renewable energy market, facilitated by commonly accepted and harmonized tracking systems.

Scott Eidson

Vice President, Environmental Markets at 3Degrees Group, Inc.

3Degrees makes it possible for businesses and their customers to take urgent action on climate change. For over 15 years, we’ve provided renewable energy, transportation decarbonization, and emission reduction solutions to Fortune 500 companies and other organizations around the globe.

Alexandra Münzer

Managing Director, Greenfact

Greenfact is a leading market intelligence company with focus on the renewable energy market providing business intelligence for green commodities.

Investment & PPA Track

hosted by Arctic & Pexapark

The decarbonization of the European economy will radically change existing energy infrastructure and provide unique investment opportunities. Arctic Securities will be gathering experts and industry leaders to discuss the latest trends in financing renewable assets and low-carbon technology. 

What are the trends in PPA Pricing and Flows in Europe? How do you value and manage the risks inherent to long-term PPA?  What is the new operating model for renewable investors?

Michael Waldner

CEO & Co-Founder, Pexapark

Based in Zurich and founded in 2017 by Michael Waldner, Luca Pedretti and Florian Müller, Pexapark and its 25+ person team is a rapidly growing, award-winning renewable enterprise software company. Pexapark’s mission is to improve renewable energy sales by facilitating the power purchase agreement process and offering renewable energy investors a turn-key solution to manage energy sales and financial risks of their assets.

Harald von Heyden

Head of renewables, Arctic securities

The Arctic Group is a leading independent provider of financial services which opened its doors for business operations in August 2007. The company was founded by experienced bankers with a vision of creating a financial adventure. The vision was to establish an investment bank. Arctic is founded on an entrepreneurial spirit, which permeates the culture and drive of Arctic’s employees, which today totals about 220 people. Since the startup in 2007 we have expanded our international footprint with offices in Stockholm, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Houston.

Kari Tikkanen

PPA Manager, OX2

OX2 is a leading renewable energy project developer, with ca 1.000 MW of projects in construction in Nordics and Poland. OX2 has been active in the PPA market since signing the first European Google PPA in 2013, with over 1.000 MW of OX2 projects been financed on the back of PPAs.